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Why chose us For dubai desert Safari ?

Every day our agents receive emails and phone calls from people which are very confused and searching for desert safari dubai deals they are confused because what to choose and how to choose the best dubai desert safari. We would love to say that Desert safari Rides offers the best desert safari package for travelers and guests but on the other side the truth is; there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution to this question. Instead, ask us because we are here to Satisfy, Delight and Nourish Our Customers.

Entertainment includes a variety of leisure activities in dubai desert safari, including travel and leisure, social or cultural entertainment, pastimes, nature-based pursuits like hunting, camping and fishing, amusing situations or functions and health or fitness activities. Spots for your better amusement and creation on map of the world can be easily decided with this group of amusements mentioned below that are accessible to the people buying an extremely solitary or group experience worldwide. With them, you won’t take plenty of time to discover a place for ecstatic participation in your lifestyle desire or hobby.

There are several places to visit in Dubai. Vacationers will be spoilt for choice how to proceed in this great city. However, one activity which is popular is the morning desert safari and evening desert safari in Dubai, amazingly. Everyone who involves Dubai must enjoy this activity; else their Dubai tour is incomplete.

Desert safari Dubai deals


Desert safari Rides is offering amazing desert safari Dubai deals, whether you are two people or a group of 30 people, you will find suitable deals and rates on their website. From affordable and cheap morning desert safari Dubai deals with evening desert safari Dubai deals, you will find everything on the website.
Desert safari dubai deals

Things you get to see in Morning Dubai Safari

Designed to certainly be a complete family entertainer, desert safari travel is typically the most popular actions you can take in Dubai. One best benefit relating to this exhilaration activity is the known reality is that it is quite within the budget. There are many travels that cost only 150 AED. Actually, you can also choose to incorporate some luxury placed into your safari by paying simply a little extra. This depends after what you decide on in your safari. Let’s have a better check out what to expect in a safari and various types of safari that you can choose from.

Desert Safari Dubai includes  :

Dubai desert safari

Dune Bashing

Aren’t you interested in roller coasters type of rides? Afterward you will surely love this trip that undergoes the treacherous fine sand dunes of the desert. Seated in powerful yet comfortable 4X4 SUVs, you will love every minute of the drive. The drivers are experts and ensure you are safe through the ride. Conquering the silver dunes is one of the shows of the safari.

Sand Surfing

For those who love searching or snowboarding, this activity shall permit you to get similar delight or more even. The smooth golden sand is a fantastic surface to surf on. So, after conquering the mud in a SUV, it is time to overcome it over a snowboard. That is clearly a popular activity of adrenalin teenagers and seekers.

Quad Biking

Quad bikes are all terrain vehicles and they run in the desert the very fine way possible. You’ll find special Dubai desert safari that provides you ride on quad bikes. That’s again a sensible way to experience those wonderful dunes in the desert.

Camel Rides

It is not every day that you’ll reach to ride onto a camel. If you are finished with the activities in the desert, you are taken to a nearby town/ place where a chance is obtained by one to trip on camels. Camels are known as the dispatch of desert. It really is fine section of the ambitious experience. The company will provide all the facilities, to make your morning desert safari tour more enjoyable.

Desert safari Dubai best operator:

If you want to get the best experience of desert safari Dubai then only a good tour company will make you enjoy it in the best way, and Desert safari rides company vows to make your experience the experience of the lifetime. Providing reasonable and Best desert safari tour packages and pick and drop facility.

 If you are wondering where to get the details or book your tour, because planning your desert safari tour with the companies, will make your tour more amazing. Many companies have their details on their respective websites. New company Desert safari rides offers economical packages and desert safari Dubai deals

Dubai desert safari prices:

The Travel agency desert safari rides offers amazing and Best desert safari Dubai packages and prices. The company offers special evening desert safari Dubai tour in as low as AED 60 per person (Adult), for children the company offers as low as AED 50. Whether you are a single person or group of 30, Desert safari rides company offers the best prices.

For morning desert safari, the desert safari rides company offers for as low as AED 125 per person (adult) and as low as AED 115 for children.

Dubai desert safari offers:

Desert safari rides company along with morning desert safari and evening desert safari tour also offers another tour package like overnight desert safari tour and special evening desert safari tour.

Overnight desert safari tour duration is around 17 hours. The off-road driving on desert dunes, and thrilling dune bashing.

Tourist can do the camel riding, boarding on sand also called as sand ski, which is such a thrilling experience. With a ski board, you get to ski from the highest dune and its safe for everyone, as soft sand is there to catch you.

Relaxing at the campsite with Arabic music playing in the background, seating is made in traditional Arabic way, with carpets and pillows.

Desert safari Dubai tips:

As exciting and adrenaline pumping dune bashing may sound, but few people may feel some discomfort, so make sure to read these tips. Before you step on the 4X4S.

  1. Wear sunglasses, sunscreen and hats which will keep you protected from harsh sun rays, as desert is usually warm
  2. Take a jacket because temperature drops in evening at desert.
  3. Do not forget to take your camera along with yourself; you would not want to miss the opportunity to capture the beautiful sunset.
  4. Have light lunch as dune bashing is bumpy, it may make you nauseous.
  5. Drivers of 4X4 are experienced, sit back and relax, oh and enjoy your thrilling ride as cars are insured.
  6. Pregnant women, people with back problems, senior citizens with heart conditions and infants are not recommended for desert safari tour.
  7. Take pain reliever if you’ve joint pain, knee pain or a migraine


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The Exquisite Dubai Desert Safari Experience!

Dubai Desert Safari Rides Provides the Desert Safari Enthusiasts with the thrilling experience of the lifetime, along with the Exciting Dubai City Tour. Customers from around the world enjoy the Eye Catching Dubai and the Dubai Desert Safari with the friendly guides. Our customers enjoy the safari experience with the following perks;
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  • Chilling & Refreshing Drinks
  • Hina Art

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